Strengthen the Immune System by Early Exposure



My mother is the healthiest woman I know. To my knowledge, she has never been sick. At least as far back as I can remember she always was the one to avoid the different bacterial and viral infections. Even if the entire house were to be sick she would nurse us all back to health never concerned by her own health. What is crazy is she is not a real germaphobe or anything. I mean, her house clean and organized, but she never was the type of person that had to have everything pristine. She loved it and found it comical when we would play in mud as kids, dip up worms to keep as pets, or go through other people on junk day to find throwaway treasures. Of course she made sure we all washed our hands before eating and stuff but that was just about it.

Especially because my father ran the Grand Rapids Tree Service company that did a lot of work outside it was very important for us to have clean safe home.

I always wonder why or how she kept from getting sick. I have friends with their own children who are overly concern with germs and diseases. It seems like every other week their dragging their crying children to the pediatrician for some vaccine of some sorts. They keep their homes and children super clean, shoot, a few of mind friends will not allow their children to play outside in the dirt for fear they will catch something. Crazy I know. What is worst is that all their attempt to keep the kids clean and free of infections, is for naught. Every one of them have the most sickly children I have ever seen. It is always something with their kids’ health. I want to say stop trying so hard, give the poor little immune system a chance to develop and strengthen. Nevertheless, I always restrain myself because of my lack of progeny; I do not want to overstep my bounds.

One day I was visiting my parents and I had a cold. In between the sniffling and the sneezing, I ask my mum what she attributes her healthy immune system to. She paused what she was doing and visibly started to think. After a few moments of silence, she said that as a child her parents had a farm with all sorts of animals on it, that her and her siblings used to wake up early every morning to help. She went to say that she believe that her constant exposure filth and animals, along with the hearty meals my Nana provided them, gave her immune system strength and vitality, which allowed her to get the tree trimming job saving my father from night time chores he gripes about everyday.

What she said made sense to me, so I did a little research to see if there was any scientific proof beyond what she reasoned for herself. I discovered there is a theory in the science world known as The Hygiene Hypothesis. It is believed that as we expose ourselves in our earlier years of life our immune receive an education of sorts. It develops and learns how to combat wide variety of ailments. Building up its disease and infection-fighting arsenal if you will.

It makes me wonder what about how much to expose my children too whenever I decide to settle down and have them. It also makes me question the usefulness of, what seems to me like hundreds, of vaccine these medical administration have convince us that our children needs. Like after hundreds of years of people inhabiting this planet the body has suddenly forgotten how to do its job.

Prepaid vs. Contract Mobile Phone Services

th9O0908FFMany people have left the life of contract phone plans.  Not wanting to be tied down for two plus years with the same.  Only way to emancipate your phone is by paying a large fine, over the years more and more phone companies are choosing to do away with contracts. Which means no more credit checks as well, allowing more people to be able to have mobile phone service.  Just simply pay for the phone upfront then prepay you are bill each month.  Meaning that before you even use the phone the bill is already paid.  Whereas a contract has little to no upfront cost.  However, you are legally bonded to pay that bill and any extra surcharges each month.  Normally for the length of twenty-four months or two years.


There are many great benefits by choosing to go with a pre-paid cell phone as oppose to a contract binding one. A pre-paid plan will save the consumer at least by half. Seriously, the monthly cost of a prepaid when compared to that of contract mobile plan is jaw dropping. The monthly may be greatly reduced but the services are not. Many prepaid plans are all inclusive, unlimited talk, text, and data. This includes voicemail, call waiting, call blocking, three calling, and some companies offer mobile hotspot for qualifying phones. The most important aspect of a prepaid plan is no contract. At any time, jumping ship is ok, and a large fee or legal obligations will not penalize the customer. All are great reasons to consider going prepaid and junking that contract.

There are a few cons by going prepaid. First, paying for the phone upfront. This mean a higher startup cost. Sometimes the phone that people want is just not affordable on a prepaid mobile network. It used to be that prepaid mobile customers had to forego an insurance plan on their phones. That extra peace of mind for those many life accidents we all seem to incur. However recently even prepaid customers have the option to add on an insurance plan onto their account. Another thing that is a bit of a bummer is network reliability. There are many places, in particular rural areas, where the network just is not that great. For those that travel and do business this may pose as a problem.


By choosing to enter into a contract for cell phone service there, are something that are better excited than on a prepaid mobile plan? Such as network reliability. No matter where a person is, they will enjoy reliable and fast mobile service. Another big draw does not have to pay for the phone at the time of service render. For those strap for cash this is a big one, great service and a great phone many times paying nothing or a percentage of the actual cost of the phone.

Although there are, many great benefits in choosing a contract phone plan there are also a few drawbacks. First and most obvious is being stuck in a contract for two or more years. No matter what happens that bill must be paid every month.   For those folks with bad credit this is just not an option at all. All contract phone companies will run a credit check to determine the likelihood of payment. If a person has had a few boo boos on their credit report, they may as well hang it up.


In conclusion, one should always do their research and considered both options. Each mobile service has both good points and bad. Take a look at your lifestyle and what you plan to use the phone for, and what can you afford. All of those factors must be considered before deciding on a mobile phone service.




My Son’s Field Trip

Last Friday one of my sons had a field to the apple orchard.  Its hard to believe that It is fall already, it seem like yesterday we were swimming in our pool and enjoying the warm sun rays.  Now its fall.  Next is winter.  The time has simply flew by.  Anyway, when my son return from home from the field trip he was so excited to tell me everything that happen that day.  He went on a hay ride, got lost three times in the corn maze, and drink so much apple cider he thought he was going to have to pee for a week!  He is very comical that son of mine.  After some time he asked me how do they do it.  Unsure of what he meant I ask him to elaborate it bit more so mommy can understand what he is trying to say.  With a heavy sigh he began to explain to me as if I was a baby.  I took everything in me not to roll my eyes.  Just typing that part I without even thinking about rolled my eyes.   th54XV6VKV

My son, after twenty minutes of explaining, had ask me how did they take care of so many trees. What do they do with all of those apples.

I promised myself and my kids when they were born that I will not lie to them.  Although there are some things I had to creatively deflect, I have never broken that promised.  Hopefully I never will.  Unsure on how to answer my son’s questions I told him mommy is going look into and let him know.  After some research, thanks to Mr. Google, I was able to give him an answer.

It turns out that many apple orchard are small family operations.  The apple orchard that he visited has been operated by the same family since 1913!  That’s a long for any business to be still operating and more importantly to have not exchanged hands at any point in its history.  Many of these orchards the entire family, and depending on its size some hired field hands, help in cultivating and harvesting the trees.  Many use a net to collect the apples that fall off the trees while some actually hand picks each apple.  There are a few really large apple orchards that utilizes a tree service companies to care for their trees.  If I had an apple orchard I would.  I don’t have an apple orchard and I still use a tree service to care for the few trees that I have.  Just go here to visit Springfield Tree Service.  They are the only service I trust with my trees and so should you.

Over the past sixty five years the apple orchards started opening up to allow other people to visit their facility.  Its a great revenue for case and it educates people on what they do so hopefully they can keep doing it.  Realizing the kind money that can be made in that short harvesting time in the fall.  Other activities have been added to each orchard’s repertoire to include mazes, slides, petting zoo, to hay rides and apple picking.  Many have added stores where a person can purchased homemade goods such as canned jellies and jams, pickles, cider, homemade breads and pastries, and already picked apples.  I told him that’s where some of the apples ends up, in goodies and ciders.  Others are sold to stores and business that make desserts and things with apple.

After explaining this to my son he nodded his darling head, thanked me, and left.  After all that time I stayed up looking for the answer to his questions I don’t think he even cared anymore.  Or maybe it wasn’t the answer he wanted to hear, who knows.  Having kids is a full time job.  I think after that I deserve some cider and doughnuts.

Questions to a woman business owner

thA3A5I0NTAs a female tree service business owner people always have some kind of question for me.  Some of these are really stupid and some not so bad.  It seems that many people find it hard to believe that a woman can be successful in this field.  I have no idea why anyone would think this.  There are a lot of women out there doing what I do or something even more difficult than me running a small business.  In all actuality that’s really all that I am doing.  Although people would have you believe that I am trying to do something as farfetched and crazy as becoming a donkey.  Well I’m tired of being ask the same questions over and over again.  Therefore, I decided to write a few of the most common ones and answer them. So the next someone ask me I can either refer back to my previous answer or direct the questioner here.  Which is a win win anyway you look at it.


The short answer is yes.  To expound upon that, yes women can run a successful business such as a tree service business even though it may be a male dominated industry.  I know this because I do it everyday.  Although, at first I faced a few minor difficulties from the guys.  But I think that was because our situation was a bit more unique than others.  My business was formally ran by my late husband.  When he passed away it became my responsibility until our sons are able to take it over.  I had to go into an already set business culture and make it my own.  It took a while for the guys to figure that I am not and will not run everything exactly as my husband.  Of course, there was a lot of things he did that I currently do.  But some things had to go that were outdated and causing waste within the company.  I do feel that I am more organized and able to think more outside of the box than my husband and other business owners for that matter.  Because I am woman and never really associated with anything within the tree service world.  I essentially bring a fresher perspective.


For the most part I spend my days in my office. The few times I had to go out into the field and help the guys because we were a few men short, I use the same tools as they did. So, no there into a girl version to a chainsaw or really any tool.   I think the closest thing you can get is a electric chainsaw which we don’t really use.


No more afraid of anyone else that deals with massive trees falling, climbing up fifty plus feet in air with nothing but a rope, harness, and helmet to keep you safe.  We regular have schedule safety meetings and classes required and regulated by OSHA that teach us how to be safe, doing what we do.   Although I maybe scared at times, I am also very prepared and educated on what I am suppose to do, as are those people around me.  As their boss I know this to be a fact.


I enjoy what I do, but is this the path I would have set out for myself, of course not.  I surely would not want my husband to die so shortly in our marriage, our lives.  Leaving our children without their father and me without my husband, my best friend.  However, this is the hand that we were dealt, so we must play what we have.  I refuse to fold.

Life Changes

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For the past eighteen months I have been running my husband tree service company. Maybe you have heard of us or seen our commercial, Bo’s Tree Clinic? My husband loved his job. Being outside, taking care of nature, creating new natural fertilizer and pesticides. He was most happy when he was up in some tree somewhere skillfully pruning and trimming a tree to opulence. Yes, that man loved his job. Obviously, I keep using the past tense when referring to him. Well, two years ago my husband was diagnose with cancer. Eighteen months ago, the chemo started to wear him out so much that most of the time he could not get out of bed. He passed away seven months ago and I promise him that I would keep the business going so our sons can inherit it when they are older.

I am sitting at my husband desk, looking around it is hard to concentrate and focus on anything. Everything in here reminds me of him. All I keep thinking about his him. His pictures, memorabilia, and Knick-knacks. Even the smell of his office. I keep waiting on him to walk through the door, with that twinkle in his eyes, and he will ask me if I brought him a treat.   As always, I would giggle and respond just me. Causing him to smile and respond that is all I wanted. Aww shoot I am starting to cry again.

I have decided to change the business. Well really just, redecorate his office. To make it more of my own. As long as it is just as he has left it, I do not think I will be able to stay in without breaking into tears. Tomorrow I will go to the office furniture store, pick out some new things, and have one of the people help haul here in one of our trucks. Yes, that will do wonderfully. I really could use the distraction. First, I am going to call my sister and see if she will come over and help me pack everything up.

My sister and I just finish packing, labelling, and storing Bo’s items from his office.   I am glad she was here I do not think I would have been able to make it on my own. Now we are off to the furniture store to get some new things. Bo always said I was like a magician with a credit card, the way I can make those dollars disappear. I was able to get everything I needed.

After several hours of arranging and rearranging furniture I finally have the office how I like it. Sitting here at my new desk. Looking at the few family photos and décor I have on it is a lot easier to take than before.   Nothing in here now sends me into a panic attack and crying fits. I can still smell his scent in here but that’s fine, my husband always delicious. I have no doubt that it is not going to be easy living without him but I am artistic that it will get better. My husband, my Bo, would want me to enjoy myself and to be happy. Equip with a new office I am happy and ready to continue the family legacy with Bo’s Tree Clinic.  If you are interested in learning more go here.